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Greenville, South Carolina
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I felt a lump in my left breast when my baby was 4 weeks old. I mentioned it to my OB-GYN at my 6 week post partum check up. He just sort of shrugged it off-both thinking it was probably a plugged milk duct since I was nursing. At 8 weeks post partum it was still there and had not turned into infection. I knew something wasn't right. My internal medical doctor sent me for an ultrasound and immediatly then did a BIL mammogram. This wasn't to comfy since I was nursing. I was scared I was going to squirt milk during the squeezing :). So-at age 33 with a 10 week old baby I was diagnosed with stage 2 Invasive Ductal CA. I had 4 dense doses of A/C every other week along with 12 weekly doses of Taxol and 4 doses of Carboplatin. I had a lumpectomy-nodes negative followed by 33 radiation treatments. I am now cancer free and loving life. I have been an ICU nurse since 2001. I have not gone back to work yet, I am not sure what I want to do with my experience and my nursing background. I am enjoying being at stay at home mom with my son. God is good!

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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