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I found my lump at 45. Wasn't looking, just accidentally felt it and then noticed the nipple was turning in. This was the week before thanksgiving last year. Went to my primary on Monday and was sent Wednesday for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. The ultrasound tech went and got the radiologist who very nicely said it didn't look good and she would like to biopsy it right then. Wow!!! So not what I expected to happen. Se didn't come right out and say it was cancer, had to wait for the path report, but she was kind enough to tell me it didn't look good. Sine the next day was thanksgiving, she gave me her cell number in case I needed to talk!! So nice!!

Monday morning I got the call. You have invasive ductal carcinoma. I was seeing a breast surgeon, oncologist and plastic the next day.

I chose to do chemo first. 4 red devil every other week then the taxotere weekly for four months. I had a port placed prior to starting chemo. Had a bilateral mastectomy end of May with tissue expander reconstruction. Today, the 19th of December, had my replacement surgery and real implants put in and the port OUT!!!

Still have to do one more surgery, total hysterectomy in the spring. It's been a heck of year. Never thought I'd be that woman with cancer!!

All of you on this site are just remarkable women and my thoughts are always with you no matter where your walk is taking you at this point in time!!

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