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I have no family history of breast cancer, however, my mom took the drug DES while pregnant with me. DES exposed woman have a higher risk of breast cancer. In February of 2003, I had a "normal" mammogram. One month later I found a lump in the shower. I immediately went to my gyn and was eventually diagnosed with Stage 2A ductal invasive grade 3, Breast Cancer at age 44. After a mastectomy, reconstruction, chemo, 2 years of tamoxifen and 5 years of arimidex I am doing great! The wonderful support of family, friends, bc survivors, good doctors and nurses got me through my bc journey. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, yoga, thinking positively, having faith in God and loving life help me stay strong and healthy. When I went through treatment, my husband was good at distracting me from cancer so it did not consume us. We went to the beach the week I lost my hair. Keeping some normalcy in my life and doing things that brought me joy were important to helping me get through the tough times. This is a great site for all my "sisters" who have or had breast cancer to help each other through their journey. After 11 years survivorship, it is was time to give back. I enjoy volunteering for the American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Room and for Look Good, Feel Better Program. Check out the ACS in your area! God bless you all!

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