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I am a third year medical student. I will get my MD in May 2013. I have been doing research with breast cancer data since June 2010. I've spent 4-5 weeks actually working with breast cancer patients with my mentors. I have spent 7 weeks working with other types of cancer surgery (colon, pancreatic, liver, skin, intestinal, uterine, ovarian).

In regards to my breast cancer knowledge, I am best in the areas of diagnosis, surgery, and prognosis. Unfortunately, I have very little experience with chemotherapy and radiation expertise. :(

I hope to go into cancer surgery, possibly surgical oncology, urological oncology, or head and neck cancer. I really enjoy working with breast cancer patients- because believe it or not, it is a pretty curable cancer, in comparison to many cancer types.

My grandmother had breast cancer. I didn't get the chance to remember her.

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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