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Sharon Doria

Survivor since 2009

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Port Saint Lucie
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I've always had dense fibrous breast tissue and was having mammograms and ultrasounds due to difficulty. My MOther died of breast cancer mets to blood in 1991. They didn't know then what they know now. She had benign tumors and all of a sudden, while being watched, she had cancer and 16 node involvement. I had cell calciication, benign, in 2007. Was being monitored by breast specialist. By 2009 I developed 6.2 cm IDC in the same spot as the calcifications. Fired this specialist and went to MD Andersen in Orlando where I had a team of specialists rather than the one doctor that let me go too long without further testing. She let me go 6 months and this monster grew. MD Andersen had me tested. I was BRCA1+. They gave me neoadjuvent chemo, sentinel node biopsy, bilateral mast, chemo, radiation, hysterectomy, reconstruction (deep flap). Ended up on arimidex. Diagnosed as Stage 2B, (ER- PR+ HER2-) grade 3, T3, N0, M0.

So that's my story. Wish I had caught it sooner. It was very agressive but am glad to report that my 5 yr anniversary from diagnosis is this December 2014.

Wishing all of you the best!

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