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Hello My Name is Jean, I live in the UK. However my family all live in Maine. Cancer runs very high in my family and I carry the BRCA2 gene. I have had my ovaries and tubes removed May of 2010. I will be going into the hospital to have a double Mastectomy and reconstruction on the 12th of Sept. 2013. I have chose to have the surgery where my risk is so high and I have two beautiful daughters that I want to be watch grow. One is 22 and chooses not to be tested and the other is only 8. I am looking for advice on what to expect on going into hospital and what recovery will be like. I am diabetic and so they have booked me in for at least one night in HDU and said it could take one to two weeks in the hospital. I am having reconstruction done with implants and muscle from the abdomen until I get my bmi down then I can go in and have them use my own body parts to make new ones.
Thank you for you time and looking forward to meeting new friends.

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