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Survivor since 2012

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I was diagnosed with left ductal carcinoma in situ stage II in April 2012. This was just a little over a year of the anniversary of my mother's death from an eight year battle with ovarian cancer. In July 2011 I participated in my 1st Breast Cancer awareness walk. Oh did I mention that at the time of my diagnosis I was unemployed, had no health or life insurance, and my clutch was out. I thought it was kinda of big joke. How could I tell my family and friends who were still grieving about my mother that I had this?

My oldest daughter was about to graduate from college, I had an 8 yr old daughter and a son who just had his 1st child. How could I tell my father that after loosing my mother that he might out live one of his children? My brother who is a doctor that he is again helpless?

It has been 7 mnths now. I am done with chemo and began my oral meds to suppress my estrogen levels. The hot flashes and night sweats have been miserable for me. I am going to schedule my nipple reconstruction tomorrow.

The Nile ain't just a river in Africa, it's alive and kicking in me. Today is the 1st time that I have reached out for support to the community. I even had myself fooled that if I got a job I could put off surgery. I mean I just HAD cancer, nothing major..lol How foolish was this thinking?

I am grateful today that I have reached out and asked for help and support. I know my life has changed in a new direction.

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