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In March of 2010 I was 33 years old and diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma with Effusion into surrounding tissue. Which means the cancer spread from my duct to the tissue of my Left breast. I am a single mother of 3 kids; 16, 11, and 7. I always had a feeling that I would someday have breast cancer. My paternal grandmother had breast cancer in her 30's and her eldest daughter had the same, except she did pass from the cancer in 1990. Lucky for me, I worked for some excellent surgeons!!! I had always wanted to have a breast reduction, I was a 40F/G, so I saw this as my opportunity. Due to an unexpected insurance problem I had to wait until May of 2010 to have my surgery. I was having a bi-lateral mastectomy, with reconstruction, placement of expander and a port-a-cath placed. Good times. I started A/C chemo treatment in June and within the first 7 days I developed a fever and the incision of my right breast was inflammed. To the hospital I went, for 6 weeks. I had apparently acquired some crazy micro bacterial infection in my right breast. chlorea fundilitum something or other. Alll I knew was it was a distant relative to tuberculosis. I was sick!!! I lost my hair in the hospital, I had low WBC and RBCs. I was on a trough of vancomycin and a bunch of other iv antibiotics. I khad thrush and did not eat for weeks!!! Needless to say the right expander had to come out and I was on iv antibiotics 4 times a day at home!! And getting chemo. I must say that those were the worst months of my life. I had awful joint pain and still do. i remember every 2 weeks dreading going to The West Clinic, for chemo. I was so anemic and they wanted to do blood transfusion several times, and I would beg for another and see if the numbers go up. I was so scared of the blood transfusion, here I was getting poison injected ever 2 weeks and I was more worried about the blood transfusion...smh I had to stay with my parents during treatment, I did not have the energy to handle my children alone. They are so strong!! I could imagine having to watch my mother go through this!! I am so blessed to have such strong wonderful children. I did end up in the hospital 3 more times in that year. After my first 6 month round of antibiotics I had to wait 5 months before I could have any surgery. I had planned to have the right breast expander placed again. So the day of surgery came, i was a nervous wreck!!! I was so worried that they would not be able to put it back in...and of course..they couldn't. I remember waking up in recovery and immediately grabbed my right chest and nothing was there, no expander. Apparently the infection did not go away completely and I get to be on more anitbiotics!! yay Another 6 month round of IV antibiotics!!!! These would prove to be some trying months!! My incision would not heal due to the chemo. I was in the hospital for another week with fever and pain in that breast. In the end my plastic surgeon had no choice but to keep my breast open and let it heal from the inside out. I had a wound vac for the second time and Hated it!! I had to go to wound care 3 times a week. I felt so defeated!!! I was ready to just give up!! But I made it and my breast eventually healed. Now I had finished Chemo in October of 2010 and was in remission. But beacause of these dang antibiotics my body still felt the same!! Pain in my joints and neuropathy in my feet, hands, and arms. I did have a lymphectomy because the cancer did spread to my Lymph nodes so My left arm is always numb, and my joints swell and are painful. To this day I have a pain management doctor due to the severity of my pain. I pray it will get better. So now it May 2011 when I have all those breast surgeries. That is always when I started the second round of IV antibiotics. In September of 2011 I had to have a complete hysterectomy!! I had cysts in my ovaries that were growing 6 times the normal rate! I was high risk for ovarion and cervical cancer. Now I am 34 I have no breasts and I always feel like I have nothing that makes a woman a woman!! I struggle with major depression disorder, post traumatic stress, anxiety disorder and I was hospitalized for these things for 13 days in Feb 2012. I am currently fighting for my disability, waiting on a court date. I have one fake half done breast, and I have no clue on what my next step is or what I want. But I thank God everday because I am here. I get to see my daughter grow into a woman, and my sons get brighter every day!!! I have an amazing family I would never have made it with my sisters Anna and DeeDee, my in laws Sandy and Chris and of course my parents Raul andGloria!! And all my friends who have stood by us during this awful time!! Everyday is a struggle mentally and physicallly, but sharing my story always makes me feel better!!! This is not the end of my storie...but it is where I will finish for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please forgive any errors!! May you Be Blessed!! Thank you- Patty

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