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Stage 4 HER2+ ER+ --> Treatment is taking forever. Others finish, but I keep going. Do any others feel lonely, frustrated and depressed while watching others finish? I'm stable, but only if I continue treatment.

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Stage 4 Patient about 8 years
  • Donna Ginnings Profile
    Survivor since 2001
    Sue, I'm stage 4 and have been since 2007. I was able to stop treatment for 3 years because of no sign of disease after first year of treatment. A miracle from God for sure. Currently I have been on chemo since July 2010. I just look at it as a small inconvenience and enjoy every day God gives me with my daughters. Trust in the Lord, he will see you through. So many good treatment options out there that let you carry on a normal life. God never promised us life would be easy, but he did promise nerver to leave us or forsake us. may God bless you!
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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    Sue, I sure can understand how it could be very depressing to watch the other types of breast cancer women walk out the door. Your oncologist's office probably has some recommendations for support groups in your area where you could meet a pal who is dealing with the same issues you are having. When I was going through treatment, there was a young woman on the other side of the states who was a horse-gal, just like me. We had a great time emailing each other even though she was young enough to be my daughter. It was so welcome to find somebody else who was in the "same leaky boat" as I was. It made the treatment time much easier to take. You just need a "chemo-pal." This has become a way-too-common disease to there are lots of us out there. I would try to find a support group and maybe one person who you just click with. . Be sure and talk to your doctor and Onco. nurses about how you are feeling. Ask them if they can point you in the direction of a support group. You sound like a very social person and needs some buddies. Take care and big healing hugs. Sharon
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  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    Hi Sue....I was diagnosed with stage 3C last may. Although we all feel a "sisterhood" in what we're going through...you won't truly be able to relate 100% until you are able to speak to other women with stage 4 cancer. That's understandable. I can relate more with women around the same stage as myself. There are a lot of wonderful ladies on this site. I also highly recommend another site that has discussion boards. There is one board that consists of nothing but women with stage 4 breast cancer. You can find them by going to breastcancer.org. Then go to the "discussion boards" link. A great group!!!! There's a book that helps me when I'm feeling down called "There's No Place Like Hope". It was written by Vickie Gerard who had stage 4 cancer. Very inspirational book!!! Keep the faith Sue, and never give up hope. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs
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    Stage 4 Paciente
    Thanks everyone for your kind words and helpful advice. I have been in touch with our local hospital and they have some very nice nurses who have helped me vent and ask questions and it has helped a lot. I still feel the emotions but knowing its ok is a relief and helps me get over it. As others have commented everyones journey is different but the emotions are pretty much the same. Thanks again and best wishes to all...
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  • Ali S Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    Hi Sue, I agree with Diana...breast cancer is breast cancer, but she's right about connecting with people who've experienced or are experiencing exactly what you are. I can tell you that your emotions are normal and accepting and exprrssing the anger correctly (that often comes across as sadness) can help with the emotional side. You have every right to be pissed off!! Sometimes we need to scream, but instead we cry and get snippy wih people . Go ahead and let it out , girl! And definitely seek out the social workers at yor hospital--they are amazing. Best wishes to you!!
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