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Can you have tissue expanders if the breast has had radiation?

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    I had my bilateral mastectomy in Oct. due to several different things, I was not a candidate for immediate reconstruction at the time of surgery. I had to have more chemo after surgery. I will begin my radiation next week. I chose to change my surgical oncologist a couple of days ago due to several different issues with my post care. My new surgeon told me that I might have enough skin to place expanders when I am ready for reconstruction. We'll have to wait to see how tight my skin is afterwards. I know there are several other options like DIEP flap, Latissimus Dorsi flap, etc. I was told I'd have to wait at least 3 months after radiation. Yes, Anne Marie's right...it depends a lot on the PS's skill as well. Don't hesitate to get a second opinion. :)
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    I think it depends on the doctor my friend had radiation for hodgkins disease when she was 15 and again at 22 developed breast cancer at 43 again had radiation. Then a reoccurrence of breast cancer at 45 so had mastectomies she had two different types if reconstruction. The side she had radiation for breast cancer they did a skin flap from her back on the other side they did a regular mastectomy both sides with tissue expanded it's been 3 years and she has not had a problem her recovery went well in fact was back at work the next week. You should get a second opinion sometimes it's all about the doctors skill level
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    I had rad 12 yrs ago my ps didn't think my skin would stretch. Enough . He said that rad damage on blood vessels gets worse each year after. Now I have had nil mastectomies 4wks ago with no hope of reconstruct. Your PS may think differently. Good luck!
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    I had a lumpectomy in 2005 for breast cancer followed by Chemo and radiation. In 2009 I started having things show up on my otherside and I decided enough already, take them off...and I've ever looked back. I decided on a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. What they do is coordinate the surgeons and when the breast surgeon is finished the PS does the tissue expanders. My PS said that because I had radiation almost five years before he was confident that the skin would tolerate the tissue expanders. It's a LONG process but so worth it. I had the bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction in march of 2010, followed by the removal of the tissue expanders and replacement with implants in December 2010, then in march of 2011 nipple reconstruction (my surgeon didn't believe in nipple sparing surgery) followed by nipple tattooing in November 2011, so as you can see it is a very long process. You will get to know your PS very well...as you should. Always get a second opinion, not all PS think the same or have been trained in all procedures....that might be why he discouraged it in the first place but you won't know unless you get a second opinion.
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