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I was fine through my surgery and radiation in terms of emotions. Now I am sad, and grumpy, and confused. I wonder if this is stress, the tamoxifen or a special deluxe combo.

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 5 years
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    Stage 1 Patient
    All of the above. Your hormones are going crazy being put into menopause so quickly. It gets a bit better with time if you can tolerate it all. I couldn't. I take Effexor and feel much better. Prayers to you.
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      Aprendiendo sobre el cáncer de mama


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      Aprendiendo sobre el cáncer de mama

      hey thanks. have to adjust and figure things out.

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  • Alison Soule Profile
    Survivant depuis 2011
    My emotions got the best of me when I was done with treatment. I was angry, I felt ugly, and I think everyone thought, "well, she's done, so that's that." But really, I still had a lot of healing to do . It's normal. I suggest talking to someone. And also, film your days with things you love to do with people who mean the most to you
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    Your world has been in a spin , stress levels super high .... Trust us we have all been there , done that !! So give yourself time to grieve and get your head in the right space ... Yes tablets changes hormones but it better than cancer !!!
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