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Why have a double masectomy?

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    Stage 4 Patient
    That's such a tough decision, and a very personal one. For me, I chose to have a double mastectomy for several reasons. My "good" breast had several micro calcifications as well as other small cysts. My stage of cancer didn't allow me to have immediate reconstruction. But after I go through radiation & given the "thumbs up" I will have reconstructive surgery. If I had kept my left breast....it would have to been operated on to match my reconstructed breast. So symmetry was another reason. Although I chose to have both breasts removed there are no guarantees my cancer won't return in the future. It could  even come back somewhere else in my body. That's a reality. But I choose to remain optimistic in my recovery & knowing I have done everything in my power to keep a reoccurrence from happening. Good luck and God bless you in whatever you choose.
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