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What side effects does Taxotere have? I'm on AC right now for one more treatments and it's got some hard side-effects so was just hoping to hear it isn't as bad.

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    Hi Leann, I just finished 6 treatments of AC and will be starting taxol on Monday so I will let u know how it goes...AC was tough for me too so I'm hoping the taxol is easier...everyone including my doctor had said it's easier so will see
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    Taxol was quite a bit easier on me than AC. I didn't have the nausea I had before. I did have some tingling in my feet but not bad. Also had some changes with my nails. They flattened out. Some women report them getting dark. Hope it's easier on you. Sounds like you're halfway there!
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    Thank you both for yours notes. Diana yes I will be half through after my treatment on the 27th. Yea
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