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Ask is do you start tablets straight away ? And is the chemo only used to prolong things now that the cancer is in 3 areas of her liver ?

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    Stephen, I must admit I don't understand the first sentence. Many times, chemotherapy can shrink the mets in other parts of the body. Can also make them disappear. That's why it's given. Take care, Sharon
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      Thanks Sharon , hopefully the pills she will be getting keeps her cancer at bay .

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    Stephen, if you are talking about hormone blocking medication which is given post treatment, I started taking Arimidex(I am post menopausal with hormone positive breast cancer) right after finishing radiation therapy. I did not have to have chemo. I saw my medical oncologist within the week after finishing radiation and started medication two days later. Taking it for five years, I thought that the sooner I started then the sooner I would finish.
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