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Just had a bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks ago and only the right lymph node removed. I'm having tightness in the right muscles. Does this last much longer?

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    Dawn, IF ONLY IT ONLY TOOK 3 WEEKS!!! You are jumping the gun and are in a preliminary healing period. You will feel better, ask your doctor about stretching exercises. Hang in there.... Take care, Sharon
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    Stage 2B Patient
    I'm 6 weeks out and still have some. Doing the exercises they tell you to do makes a big difference. It gets better. Just needs time.
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    I am 3 weeks out as well and do not have full range of motion.
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    Stage 1 Patient
    Hi I am about 9 weeks out of a bilateral mastectomy. The tightness has gotten better, remember to do the stretches especially in the morning when the muscles are tighter. You are ONLY 3 weeks out, you MUST take it easy and slow. Even though you are getting stronger, it does not mean you are good to go. Continue to have people help you, do things for you, YOU MUST CONTINUE TO REST. Good luck and feel better. Yashmira
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