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Can breast cancer be passed down from mother to daughter?

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Learning About Breast Cancer almost 8 years
  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivant depuis 2007
    Anonymous: Some types of breast cancer have a familial/genetic component. If there is breast cancer in your maternal side, you should probably get tested for the particular gene. If you have it, you have a chance to look into the future and have prophylactic measures taken now. I had no history of breast cancer on either side of my family and still was diagnosed. Family history is just one piece of the puzzle of breast cancer. Take care, Sharon
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  • Alice Klobukowski Profile
    Stage 2A Patient
    Women who have inherited the breast cancer genes BRCA1 or Brca2 can inherit from either parent, not just mother's side. A very small percentage of breast cancer is inherited tho'. There're is so much research being conducted for breast cancer, that scientists are discovering all sorts of new areas involved in the development of BC.
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  • Traciann brundage Profile
    Étude du cancer du sein
    They said my daughter will most likely get it
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  • Kate harte Profile
    La famille ou amis proches
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