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I have developed an infection in one breast while having expanders in. I am seven weeks out from surgery and can't believe that I could get an infection now. I must have three solid weeks of antibiotic infusions. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I am in the same boat..............had uni mastectomy on May 24th and infection arose on June 23rd. I couldn't believe it, thought I was doing well. Doc ended up replacing my expander and now I am 2 wks out of that surgery and also on IV antibiotics at home which I hope will end tomorrow and I still have a drain in so not a happy camper right now. Keep the faith sister as our journey continues..............prayers to you and everyone here! =)
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    Did your infections come back after the antibiotics?
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      My infection never came back after 6 weeks of infusions. Best of luck.

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