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I had screening mammograms, I was called back for more mammograms and ultrasound , was told I had one cyst and another nodule that is "probably" benign ...now I am going for another ultrasound. Does this sound normal?

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    I would ask your doctor to biopsy the suspicious area if there has already been one ultrasound. What is another ultrasound going to show. A biopsy will let you know for sure. Good luck to you!
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    Everyone's different, and every doctor might treat the same situation differently. But in my experience, this is pretty typical. They probably want to take another, closer look at the benign nodule again, and for anything unusual that they didn't see the first time. If they haven't already, they probably also will drain your cyst. It's done with a needle after numbing you up. Painless procedure. Please keep us posted on how everything goes. Best of luck!
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    It sounds like you are getting excellent screening. I had the benefit of excellent screening, too, due to the fact that I have a family history of BC, as well as dense breasts. If you have been told you have dense breasts, then it makes the mammograms and possibly even ultrasounds harder to read. Eventually, the radiologist recommended an MRI to supplement my mammogram and ultrasound, which did detect a small tumor, and I had a lumpectomy earlier this week. Due to careful screening, they caught it early. For years, though, my screening turned up nothing other than benign cysts. Hopefully, yours is just a cyst. Be grateful for careful screening, because usually it's nothing, but on the off chance, they do find something it is best to catch it early. I wish you well.
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    That sounds similar to my story. I had annual mammogram last August. The same afternoon I got a call from my primary doctor. Calcifications. Another mammo three days later. Radiologist that day wanted stereotactic needle biopsy. After needle biopsy pathologist saw benign but his "gut" told him otherwise based on slides. Surgical biopsy/lumpectomy was end on September last year. Stage 1A DCIS 3 tumors, 3mm. One small tumor DCIS in situ. 30 radiation treatments and now Arimidex. I give pathologist a lot of credit. Best of luck.
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