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Where can I get a free breast MRI or one at a low cost?

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    Saline, the National Breast Cancer Foundation provides free mammograms for women who cannot afford them through our partner facilities. You can find a facility near you at http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/About-NBCF/Programs.aspx. If there is not a facility in your area, call your local hospital and see if they have a program to provide mammograms for women who cannot afford them.
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    Start calling around to every place that does MRI's and ask how much it costs for an MRI without insurance. The larger cities will have more places available and costs will be lower. Are you on any kind of public assistance or medicaid? If so, you need to talk to your caseworker about places. If you are not on SSI, or public assistance, call the local American Cancer Society, and Susan G. Komen. You will have to do some searching but you can find a place where the cost is relatively lower and they will let you pay off the bill in monthly installments. That is what I have to do, yearly. Good luck, Sharon
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