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If the chemotherapy you are doing is making you really sick is it worth it to continue?

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 8 years
  • Adrienne private Profile
    Stage 3C Patient
    thanks to a horrible 6 month chemo treatment ( I even ended up in hospital twice) my 1 tumor was GONE, my largest tumor shrank greatly, and the tumor on my lymph node shrank too. So, I say YES it is worth it. Chemo is rough, but was well worth it for me. It made my mastectomy easier and shortened my radiation from 35 treatments to 28 treatments due to the tumor shrinkage.
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  • R. SUTHERLAND Profile
    Stage 3A Patient
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  • Ana Naluh Andrade Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Try to find some support medicine like acupuncture or massage therapy to deal with the side effects of chemo. But it's totally worth it!!! I made the trip to hell and I am back and happy and healthy!!
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  • Isabel Souchet Profile
    Survivor since 2010
    Yes , I was so sick during the chemotherapy. but I pulled through and am glad I did it.
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    • Diana Carver Profile
      Learning About Breast Cancer

      This is my third time doing chemo and it is TOUGH on the body but I'm still here and I may not have been here if I had not done it. I try and see the situation in a positive light, who will I meet and get to know or help....:)

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  • Ali S Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    It temporarily poisons your whole body to kill the potentially life threatening cancer. So, unfortunately, you're sick for a little while, but once it's over And the little bugger is gone, you realize how worth it it was. Especially when your hair starts coming in!
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