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Is there any chance that my cancer could come back? I was diagnosed with invasive ductul carcinoma about a year ago. I am done with chemo and radiation but I am still scared and concerned.

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    Maria, I think that dark thought is always lurking because there are no guarantee's. My doctor and his associate said something to me that was comforting.... They said, "Go live your life and let us worry about your health." I just follow what they suggest, try to eat well, take care of myself, get my check-ups, and enjoy the heck out of each day of my life. Do I still worry.....(?) of course, but there really isn't anything I can do other than live life. Do you think you are having some depression? Have you talked to your doctor about your concerns? Maybe you should make an appointment or at your next appointment, tell you doctor about your fears. There are women here who have had reoccurances but are getting treatments. I completely understand as do lots of women here on this board. Hopefully, the further you get away from the trauma of your treatment, your fears will ease. You have been through a very tough treatment.... as I always say... "Chemo, ain't for wimps!" U hope you gradually start to feel better... but if these fears start taking over, please get in to see your doctor. Big healing hugs and take care, Sharon
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    Don't let fear over something that may not happen interfere with living your life. Enjoy each day to the fullest!
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    "go live and take your tamoxifen" were the scariest words I ever heard. It was easier to be in active treatment. Everyone was around ona daily basis. Now it's just waiting. I don't worry to much about breast cancer coming back. I worry about it going to my bones, liver, bladder, etc. I am getting on with my life but there is a level of fear that is always present.
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    hi maria
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