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What does everyone use on their heads once the hair is out? Mine is scratchy because is had it buzzed but a lot if roots are in there still.

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Stage 2B Patient over 7 years
  • Tiffani Warila Profile
    I used my regular shampoo and conditioner. I always had a tiny bit of very fine, very light, peach fuzz that never came out. Some days I just used shampoo, other days both, no rhyme or reason.
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      When and how did your hair come back??

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  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 病人
    Hi Connie, mine was like that too. :). I also had small red bumps. Thankfully it didn't last long. My oncologist told me to use an oatmeal bath (aveeno was good). Once all your hair is gone the roots won't be so irritated. :).
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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    乳癌幸存者从 2007
    We all have different levels of scalp sensitivity.... mine was on the low-level side. My scalp bothered me until I got the stubble out. I scrubbed it when I took a shower with a wash clothe and bar soap. Take care, Sharon
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  • Leann Moeller Profile
    I used head and shoulders scalp relief that help more than anything!!
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    Stage 3B Patient
    My Dr told me to use baby shampoo
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