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I just had a lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy. Two weeks later I am having pain when I move my arm, especially over my head? Does this go away?

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  • Nikol Vega Profile
    Yes it goes away eventually, take it easy though
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      I go for mine tomorrow.

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  • Ali S Profile
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    Took a long time for me too. And after 5 months, it's sometimes still tight and I need to stretch a lot, but the pain subsided eventually.
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  • kathy swan Profile
    Yes it is normal, I had 13 lymph nodes biopsied the 24th of February, I can still feel some stiffness in my forearm and numbness and sensitivity in the backside of my upper arm.
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  • Dee Layng Profile
    Yes it eventually will get better. I had the same on January 12th and it took a long time to heal, and for the pain to go away. It's a lot better now. Good luck.
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