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Just diagnosed with DCIS and haven’t met with surgeon yet. That’s coming up this Wednesday. Feeling scared and a little depressed . Any thoughts on lumpectomy vs mastectomy?

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    I had an area of IDC with an area of DCIS right next to it and decided at my age (62) I was going to do a mastectomy and my Surgeon agreed that was my best choice. In the surgical specimen was a 2nd area of IDC and 1 of LCIS so am glad I went that route as neither of those had been mentioned. Also, in reading the operative report the Surgeon said due to the 2 areas we knew about I would have been disfigured with a lumpectomy due to the size. Work with the Surgeon and see what he/she recommend, but that final decision is yours.
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      Betti That was very helpful! Thank you so much -

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      I was also just diagnosed. I have an appt with surgeon next Wednesday. Radiologist has very positive feedback about the findings but I’m feeling skeptical. I am extremely tired and very cranky. Do you have these symptoms also?

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