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I have been recently diagnosed, what comes first? Chemo, surgery, radiation? I'm told I need all of it but not in what order I will get it.

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    Everyone's cancer is unique to them so treatment plans are individualized for each person. My Onc. wanted me to have some chemo. prior to surgery but my Surgeon nixed it. I had surgery, chemo, rads., and am now on a hormone blocker since my tumor was Er/Pr+.
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    Lindsay, Your doctors should be explaining your treatment timeline. Every cancer is different, and treatment schedules are also different. I'm sure you have consults scheduled, and all should be made clear. Write questions down so you don't forget something. It also helps to take someone with you to write down all information given. It can be overwhelming, and you may not remember everything. Good luck
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    A lot of Dr request Chemo first to shrink the tumor if it large where others do surgery first than chemo & radiation. Your Dr will determine the order based on your type of cancer.
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    I would think chemo first to make sure the tumors react to the chemo. But every doctor is different. I sought a 2nd opinion after my 2nd diagnoses at MD Anderson in Houston and they said it is always best to do chemo first to make sure the type of chemo they suggest is the correct one.
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    My doctor chose chemo first for my triple negative stage 2. Which was 100% successful it completely destroyed the tumor. I then had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Talk to your oncologist about all your options.
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