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I have invasive ductile carsanoma. I was diagnose with a core needle biopsy about 2 weeks ago. Now I feel like I do when I am starting to get bronchitis (heavyness in chest, not able to breath completely normal, a little cough). Is this normal?

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    I was also just diagnosed a few weeks ago. My throats hurts, and my ovaries hurt. I was told this is myy hormones going nuts because I also have terrible hot flashes. I have a tendency to freak out and think it's the cancer. But I am trying to stay calm and focus on what I know for certain, not where my mind wants to take me.
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    Have you discussed this with your doctor(s)? If not please do as there may be some testing needed (I'm not a doctor) but that's what I would do.
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    Could be a panic attack. You just been given $$&&@$) news.
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    What treatment plan are you in?
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    I plan to call Monday. Just wondered if any one had this kind of experience
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