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Is it possible that your cancer can come back after 5 years

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 1 year
  • Sharon Danielson Profile
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    Sadly, I'd say we all live with that fear because it is possible we can develop another type of breast cancer. It might not be called a recurrence of the original cancer because it differs from the first.
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    Thanks... so far all they have found is a little bit of fluid on my lungs
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  • Trisha Muller Quinn Profile
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    Rita. We all have that in the back of ours heads when we have anything go wonky with our bodies !!! But it maybe something simple as an infection or something!? A quick doctors visit will help your fears .... not everything leads to cancer !! So try to relax and look, feel positive and make your life simple ... it will help .. see a doctor 🎀🎀
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  • Munazzah Tanveer Profile
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    My mom was first diagnosed in 2007, went though chemo and radiation and was then kept on Nolvadex ( Tamoxifen) for 5 years. In 2013 she had a recurrence. If the tumor is extremely small, barely started forming, they can give you some medicine to dissolve the tumor. It is best to bring it to your doctor's THE MOMENT you feel you might have a recurrence.
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