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Survivor since 2003

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My story is the same as everybody else. I was diagnosed, Shock. I was directed through all the treatment doors, Shock. I looked in the mirror with radiation burns, scars and no breast, Shock. I learned to live with the very distinct changes in my body, mind and attitude that this one year of my life made.
There are continued "sequelae", as they call it, that are often the target of angry outburst including: clothes don't look right, lymphedema in my affected arm, stupid prosthetic, if I chose to try them again, the scars that show when I bend over to pick up my grandchildren.........These are lingering and inconsequential.
I thought I would be over "cancer" when the all clear came along but it is ever present and for better or for worse, It is a part of me. I chose not to let it define me but It has changed me forever.
PS I finished my second year of nursing school a year after my classmates, relocated from Mississippi via encouragement from Hurricane Katrina, started my first nursing job in Texas, lost family members, new ones were born. Family relationships changed and so did my attitudes. I have applied to Texas A&M Graduate program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.
This does not have to end your life but it will change it. That,s OK
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