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I'm still numb and barley remember the last 2 weeks from call back for 2nd Mam to biopsy, and waiting to hear my fate. Was it Dbl Mastectomies as I had feared once they wanted 2nds and biopsies of both. Well I dodged a helluva bullet on the dbl masses and even single after meeting with my surgeon on our game plan. I was not going to give my girls up if not recommended to and deal with the trauma of reconstruct with very small breasts. A lumpectomy was what I needed from the right breast and 2 days post op Im happy to know my Surgeon was not gung-ho like so many women I know that have willingly gave them up with out a thought, When the chance of re occurrences was the same. I can not stand having my breast examined lying on my back or even touched by myself or spouse when just lying on my back. My chest wall has always been extremely sensitive and having a mastectomy when not recommended would only make it worse for me. If my surgeon had recommended mastectomies I would have absolutely done so based on his expertise and guidance, cancer type, stage and re-occurrence factors.

So I am post op on my right breast Lumpectomy as on 10-4-2017.
I wait on my pathology reports and oncologist instructions at this point.

I have had a multitude of bad luck this year. Fracturing my Tibia plateau, Having extreme Nerve damage in that Leg and learning I had RSD and then having Breast Cancer. I've clearly not had a good year. I guess I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop with this. So I'm literally holding my breath until I hear my results.before dealing with radiation thoughts.

I'm hoping to learn more thru others and be more to others. I'm more then tuff... I just need to know what I'm up against and believe at that point I can conquer it.

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