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Lynne G

Survivor since 2010

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Gettysburg PA
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Hello Dearhearts! My name is Lynne.

I am proudly owned by two FABULOUS felines. I'm an historian, ocean-lover, graphic artist, Denver Broncos fan, and... I am a breast cancer survivor.

My odds of NOT getting breast cancer was pretty small when I was diagnosed in 2010. My mom died from colon cancer when she was 59. My beautiful sister died of breast cancer at 45. My dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer a couple years ago and is now a survivor. My grandparents, well, you get the picture. So, when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, I was pretty scared.

My remission was a result of several things. First, my faith played a HUGE part in my recovery. Many people get mad at God when they are diagnosed, and this is certainly understandable. God is big enough and loves you enough to take your anger. But I held onto Him for dear life. If I turned my back on God, where would I get MY miracle?

Second, I was an EXTREMELY feisty and unusual patient. After witnessing what my mom endured with some of the care she received, I developed a reflexive and deeply-ingrained mistrust of doctors and their "one size fits all" methods of treatment. During my own treatment, I FORCED them to think outside the box, questioned and researched EVERYTHING, and did not submit to procedures I felt were wrong for me. I can not stress enough the importance, indeed, the NECESSITY, of being your own advocate. Of standing strong and sure when you know you are right. Take NOTHING for granted. If it feels wrong, it probably is.
Third, lean on your support. They are there for you. Don't be afraid to accept their help.

And last, there's nothing like a warm, soft, purring kitty to cuddle and cry on when you need a good cry. It's okay to be afraid. I'm STILL afraid every year at mammogram time. Pamper yourself. Immerse yourself in the things you love. Surround yourself with strong, positive people who will support you in your decisions. And laugh. A LOT.

Stay tough. Stay positive. FIGHT. With everything you've got. And never, EVER give up hope. I am here for you.


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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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