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On July 18, 2016 went in for a pap and she asked me if I have had a mammogram. I said no. She suggested that because I was 43 that I get one. So I scheduled one for later that week. On July 20, 2016 I went in for the mammogram. The next day I received a phone call to come back for another mammogram and ultra sound. So on the July 25, 2016 I went in for the mammogram on my left and the ultra sound on my right. After that I was scheduled to get a stereotactic breast biopsy on August 1, 2016, because of some breast calcifications. Had to wait a week for the results. So on August 8, 2016 I went in for the results. The results were that I was at stage 0, lobular carcinoma in situ with a central area of necrosis identified. It also said that the biopsy of clinically left breast showing focal atypical intraductal hyperplasia. So the doctor basically was telling me that I should get a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. And that I have a 20% chance of developing cancer in the future. So I made an appointment to talk with a surgeon. Then on August 15, 2016, I went to see the surgeon. He suggested that we do an MRI to make sure of where the tumor is and to if there is anything else. He also said that I should get a lumpectomy. Also made an appointment to get a second opinion. On August 18, 2016 went to the second opinion doctor, he suggested that we do a lumpectomy. But before we do that, get the MRI done and make sure of everything. So I scheduled the MRI for August 22, 2016. On August 29, 2016 went to first doctor and he said the MRI results were that we should remove the lump in the left. September 2, 2016 I received a call from the second Doctor, and he said I should come in an d see him because there was a mass in the right that we should talk about. September 6, 2016 went to the second Doctor and he said that there is a mass he would like to look at in the right breast, with an MRI biopsy. He said that if there is cancer in the right then I should have a bilateral mastectomy. So I am waiting on the Doctor to call me and schedule the MRI with a biopsy. When I was younger I decided that if I was to ever get cancer that I would get a bilateral mastectomy, because I seen some friends mothers who died of cancer and it scared me. So I am in the process of making a big decision. I had my other biopsy and I have a fibroadenoma in my right side. The pathologist said to remove it. I go and see a plastic surgeon nov. 1

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