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Maria J

Stage 2A Patient

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Rochester, NY
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Positive micro calcifications found Jan 2014. iDC and DCIS. A partial mastectomy was performed on the right breast a week later. Pathology report returns 1 week later. surgeon calls @ 10:30pm. He reads me the report: Tumor size, 2.5cm, grade 3, ER and PR +. HER2 (unequivical). Good news: lymph nodes were negative. Bad News: margins were positive. Off to oncology I go. Oncology very positive that I will beat this. Hubby keeps telling me, "just a little bump in the road" I begin chemo treatments thinking I'm tough, this is nothing!
Mediport inserted and began 4 rounds of A/C, followed by 12 weekly treatments of Taxol. Finished chemo Aug. 15th. Currently out of work due to severe radiculopathy and sciatic pain from 2 compressed discs. Gained 16 pounds. Scheduled for a Bilateral Mastectomy w/ DIEP flap reconstruction.
I just want to feel "normal" again. I am so very thankful for my family and friends who have supported me through this. I am grateful for the amount of information, encouragement, and support I have received from this site.
This little "bump" will not define me.

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