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Hi I'm 40 years old and I just had a mastectomy done on June 20,2013. Well let me tell you what a rode......first off I got so sick from the anesteshia I threw up for hours after coming from from recovery room. Now being home it's been 3 weeks and I'm so darn tired. And still have two drains left in. Had 3. Only can have one removed last week. They hurt so much. And this expander is not comfortable at all.now I'm started to get nausea every day threw out the day. And now comes hot flashes...I'm got then I'm cold. So confused. I feel so ugly.got inflated last week and it wasn't fun. My breast size 44dd. Right breast is gone. Left one will be reduced and lifted..I'll b a C cup when all is done...one more surgery ...I'm not looking forward to it....anyone feel like me let me know...I can't sleep much so u can email me ....kimswet@gmail.com.........

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