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I was diagnosed July 3, 2013 with IDC, stage 2. I had a "distortion" in my left breast that radiologists had been monitoring for a year ~ I'd had a mammo and ultrasound every six months. On the third study they sounded the alert and a breast MRI and biopsy followed. The mammogram missed my tumor for the most part, an observant radiologist noticed only a subtle change from previous pictures. I have dense breasts and reviewed mammograms for several previous years with breast surgeon and could not tell much of a difference from normal to cancerous tissue. Thankful for the radiologist who finally suggested more testing. Lesson learned...be your own advocate, if there is anything suspicious on your mammo insist on further testing. Despite the BC diagnosis I was in good health. I ate a healthy diet, led an active lifestyle, enjoyed my job and volunteer activities as well as being a single mom with two boys (26 and 17 at DX). I am 1 in 8.
The fight was on...my primary care physician recommended a fabulous breast surgeon and oncologist. My team is part of an integrated cancer center where I am able to see all my Doctors and have most of my testing done in one place. I've completed chemo (8 treatments over 16 weeks; A/C and Taxol) and had a single mastectomy 11/15/2013. Radiation next in January of 2014 with hormone therapy for 5 to 10 years after that.
Through the miracles of modern medicine it will be a short 7 months from diagnosis to completion of radiation. I am fortunate to come from a large loving family and to have created a circle of friends who are incredibly supportive. My best friend has been to every test, every chemo treatment, every doctors appointment and continues to look after me. My boss and co-workers are super supportive as well and I've continued to work during treatment. Even with the BC diagnosis I continue to feel blessed and lucky with my life....I look forward to the future and living a long and fulfilling life surrounded by children, family and friends. I will not let BC steal anything from me. Stay strong in the fight!!

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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