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Nadine Cancilliere

Stage 3A Patient

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Bedford Heights Ohio
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Hi my name is Nadine Cancilliere and I am 50 years old. I had a kindey transplant given by my brother 30 years ago and I am still on immunosupprents. I was taken off prednisone because I got diabetes. No I am facing ACT chemo. My journey began on Feb 16 when I went to my ob because I found a lump. She immediately did a ultrasound in the office and sent me for a mammogram that day. This is when I was told its Cancer.
Following I had the tumor removed on Feb 19th and a Bi-lateral mastectomy on March 26th. I had 15 lymph nodes removed 6 of which were cancerous. That lead me to stage 3A. I'v had scores of imaging tests. Going to see the oncologist next Friday, then getting the port put in. They tell me I'll have 6 months of chemo, then radiation, and hormone therapy. I'm really scared because of all my other medical issues. Thanks for listening!

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