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Hi. My name is Emily. I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma in my right breast march 2013. I have no immediate family history besides my great aunt having breast cancer and she was in her mid 40's. I was diagnosed at 33 and just turned 34. I had saline breast implants put in around age 23 and the right one ruptured at age 30. I decided to have them both removed and to not have new ones put in. Four years later here i am. I just had a double mastectomy 2 days ago. I had two lymph nodes removed and have 2 drains on both sides. I had a port put in for chemo. Still waiting on results of tissue tests and the exact size of the cancerous tumor to see if i will need radiation as well. I am staying as positive as i can and am forever grateful that my gyno found it. That's my story.

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