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I'm 49 years old, I was diagnosed stage 2A, er+, pr+, hr2- , Feb. 6th 2013 I had a lumpectomy & 3 nodes removed tumor was 2.5 cm , lymph nodes removed clean had clear margins on my right breast. Did a lot of research and got second & third opinion .

Insurance would not pay for BRACA 1/2 test. But did pay for the OncotypeDX test my score came back at 19 that is considered intermediate range. Chemo is typically recommended . My recurrence score is 12% chance to return in the next 10 years . I chose not to do chemo. If I did do chemo it was only giving me 2% more so 14% chance of cancer to return in the next 10 years. So I opted for radiation & 5 years of tamoxifen as my treatment plan.

I had surgery on May 22 2013 to put expander in prior to radiation. Then scheduled for 5 days a week radiation for 33 sessions 6 1/2 weeeks. I have a expander in on my right breast finished my fills 6/13/13 . Gosh it is so hard and painful ...

6/27/13 started my radiation whole breast. I will also be doing cold laser 3x a week on my right breast during radiation as well. New type of treatment to help with scare tissue & necrosis .

8/15/13 Yeah! Today was my last radiation treatment. 27 whole breast sessions and 6 boost with bolus cover total of 33 sessions. I also did 3 days a week of LLLT cold laser therapy on my breast being radiated. I used aloe, Eucerin & Vaseline combo during my 33 treatments. My skin did awesome... Thank the good lord. Just a slight suntan. I know the radiation keeps working for about 6 weeks after radiation is finished. So I will see what happens during this faze.

I meet with my oncologist 8/19/13 will start tamoxifen next.

I have now been on tamoxifen about 7 weeks. No noticeable side effects. Thank goodness. Post radiation about 4 1/2 weeks after my skin on my radiated side started to get a rash. Now on high dose of antibiotic for 10 days. No change in the area of rash. So I was put in the hospital for 6 days on IV of vancomyicin 1.00 then up 2 1.25 , I had a total of 10 bags 1 every 12 hours.. It looked as it was getting better. Went home on day six. But after a few days the redness came back. )-: so went to infectious doctor. He said expander needs to come out so we nc find out what is going on in my chest. They are afraid it will go to my other breast.

So now I go in this week 10/28/13 for them to clean out my infectious area and hopefully put in a new expander. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well this time. Keep me in your prayers.... Well I had surgery Wed 10/30/13 Dr said I was very infected. )-: I never had fever or any type of indication that is was infection for sure. When I was the hospital I had 4 different common cultures for bacteria. Culture came back neg- but they did remove 2/60 cc's of fluid it was cellulitis . So they removed the expander cleaned me out and stitched me up. All I have on the right side is my nipple.

3/11/14 I went back to have TE put in again. Hoping this time all goes well. So I can get my real fake boob and redo my left breast to match by August 2014.

3/21/14. Ok now this happens... I start passing really red blood clots. I call my Oncoligist she said STOP taking the tamoxifen . Call a gyn Oncoligist to get a biopsy. Tamoxifen can cause thickening of the uterus wall. Went and got biopsy came back negative so now I go for a D & C, 5/9/14 to make sure the rest of my uterus is clean. (gosh will this ever end)!

Thank you for reading and listening to my story.

I still feel positive... Just tired of going to the Dr all the time. This has been extra hard on my 8 year old. He told me he is afraid he will lose me... OMG my heart... I do reassure him Mommy will be ok ...

I have 2 beautiful kids & 1 handsome grandson.

A hubby that really does not know what to do or say... )-: so we'll see what happens there.

Thank you for reading and listening to my story....

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