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First found lump in breast when about 20. Ignored it and at 27 had lumps in both breast and they were removed and benign. Started Mamograms then. Always waiting for my breast to mutiny. At 48 I went in for my Mamogram All was fine in October and by January I was bleeding from my left nipple. Had duct removed from left breast told per cancerous. No meds or radiation but always some pain. I was always waiting from then on no peace just waiting to hear that I had cancer. This past December I went in for my mamo and I knew something was wrong because I had pain in the right breast and it was not from the cyst They took lots of Picts that day and said I had adnormal calcification Had the needle biopsy done with markers and it came back positive for cancer stage 0 But a highly invasive form. Dr wanted to do lumpectomy. I wanted a bilateral mastectomy The surgery schedule for lumpectomy By Gods good graces I got an infection and surgery was postponed. That day I went to visit plastic surgeons and choose one. During surgery the pathologist found the same cancer on the left side. It had not been discovered through Mamogram or MRI I love God and through a lot if prayer the bilateral mastectomy. Was the only choice I had any peace about It saved my life. The oncologist I went to see after the surgery. Said I needed no meds because it was not estrogen fed and no family history of breast cancer. She also understood. I had had enough. Waiting all these years always worrying about it. She said you saved your life and I replied thank you Lord. It was His guidance that made my convection so strong for the bilateral. I never asked why did this happen but I did ask why I did not have to suffer with radiation chemo and meds. I just now understand I had been suffering for years waiting. This week they removed the expanders and replaced them with the implants. For the first time I. Years I feel as if this burden has been lifted. This is also the first time in my life I did not fight God over his sovereignty in my life and just trusted this would be for my good and His glory. He sheltered me through all of this. What started out so frightening. Actually delivered me from fear and brought an amazing intimacy with God and deeper compassion for others. I feel I have been blessed and changed for the better I see myself as altered and not defective. I did mourn the loss of my breast but I am free from the worry and now when I see my new Tata's I don't see the scars or the deformity from before Next month tatoos

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