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Over last 2+ years I have had several mammograms, ultrasounds of my very dense fibrous breasts, this year upon viewing mammos and ultrasounds again doctors decided that indeed there WAS something that needed further investigation and an excision biopsy was done on 1 Feb.
4 Feb got the word that it was invasive ductal carcinoma in my R breast - nothing seen in the left - BUT my breasts are dense (as I might have mentioned) so that has me a bit concerned about what is lurking there unseen/undetected.

11 Feb had appt. with surgeon to find out it is ER+, PR+, H2+, stage 1
So all in all I feel "encouraged" by this news...
Decisions have to be made lumpectomy, with sentinel node biposy, Oncotype Dx test done or mastectomy to clear it all out---- I thought I had made a decision but I keep re-thinking things--hopefully after speaking with surgeon later today and asking followup questions I will have a clearer view.

Additional notes to all of this is that to make things extra interesing - in Nov 2012, yes just 3 months ago - my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, and we moved her across country to live with us as she goes through chemo - She is doing remarkably well, tolerating it better than I ever hoped- but then again she has been putting up with much suffering and pain etc. from the massed growing inside of her for probably 2 years, so chemo by comparison is not so bad. ANYWAY-- having her here and being her primary caregiver and then getting my surprise is STRESSFUL to say the least - she means well, and loves and cares for me - but we do not sync on how concern/care is manifested and received so while she thinks I should be dealing with my diagnosis one way, and feels the need to share it with her friends back home as her way of dealing, I have been trying to be more private and trying to wait to get in a good frame of mind before dispersing news across the spectrum. It is MY health after all and MY diagnosis - I am sure that I am wrong for feeling proprietary about it from my mother but I do.

Please escuse this rather streamofconsiousness entry - I had to get it out/down now - I promise to update it to something more coherent and useful to others soon--
Any comments are welcomed.
Stay Strong

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