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I was diagnosed on 1/17/13 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Here is all I know so far:
I have 2 weeks full of appointments before I go back to my Oncologist to determine treatment.
My pathology says my Nottingham score is 9/9
My tumor is 8cm
I just want it out.....I am too young and have too much left to do & see.
My inspiration to go on are my incredible husband, Keith. My beautiful daughters, Alexa - Breanne - Riley, and my gorgeous grandsons, Jayden - Anderson - Caleb (who was born on 1/18/13!) - and EJ.....who is due in 6 weeks.
2/1/13 update- I am facing a bilateral mastectomy, port implant and expanders on 2/27/13. Chemo to follow. I am Triple Negative. Both BRCA genes are VUS.
I'm open to email exchange, please feel free to email me at: deleted because NBCF is sharing my info.
3/22/13 update: Chemo to start on 4/3. 2 months of every other week AC, then 12 weeks of Taxol. 3 days a week at the hospital initially for labs, chemo, neulasta. Why is Cancer a full time job?

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