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Questionable mammos and ultrasounds in October 2011 led to stereotactic needle biopsy in Nov. 2011. Results benign but my gyne insisted I see a surgeon anyway. (Everyone must cover their *** these days...) Surgeon patted me on the back (rather condescendingly) and told me "nothing to worry about." Forward to Oct. 2012: screening mammo, diagnostic mammo, ultrasound. Radiology techs and radiologist asked why I didn't "get this taken care of" last year. They were shocked when I said the surgeon (a breast specialist) told me no worries. Went to a new surgeon who said we can't be 100% sure unless we have the tissue removed and studied by the pathologist. See, I never had a lump, just a "diffuse area of persistent distortion." Lumpectomy with wire localization on 12/13/12 revealed DCIS Grade 2 intermediate nuclear grade, er/pr+ in three foci of the golf ball sized tissue that was removed. (Luckily, I have plenty to spare!!) Also, foci of atypical lobular hyperplasia. Clear margins, healing well, now waiting for results of the BRCA gene testing. Hopefully gene testing will be negative, then I will start radiation and after that hormone therapy. I am 55 years old and not thrilled about hormone therapy--I made it through menopause without drugs/ whining!!I have fibromyalgia (so I am worried about the fatigue that radiation can cause) and I also had a melanoma in situ in 2007 that required two surgeries to ensure clean margins, but no radiation. My friends call me the In Situ Queen!!

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