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Have been having mammograms and ultrasounds for over 10 years as that is when I found the first lump. Have endured 8 total spots biopsied. 7 of them came back benign and still awaiting results on the last one as it was preformed yesterday.
My ultrasound showed a lobulated mass with mixed echogenicity so the thought was to biopsy and check. When went in the radiologist told me for sure it was a cyst and all he was going to do is a fine needle aspiration...after trying to drain the "cyst" nothing would come out....he then tried to shrink it with lidocaine and still nothing...told me that it must be biopsied....his tone went from promising a benign cyst to a strange mass that will need a biopsy.
This news didn't scare me or surprise me as I am no stranger to this rodeo, just curious as to how many of these I should endure before demanding an MRI instead of mammo and us?
I am patiently awaiting the results as I don't feel at this time I would be sad about a diagnoses...at least I why I keep having these masses come up that are so deep I can't feel them but are showing up at every screening. I just want an answer instead of wondering which mass will be "the one" that truly should have been checked. I feel that this constant checking...etc.
This sight is an amazing support and informational tool for all women and men who are experiencing anything from initial testing to after diagnoses. Thank you all for being wonderful and I pray for each and every one of you and your families ;)

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