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I'm 33 years old and discovered a lump in my left breast in Oct 2011. I was referred to Doctor that rented out space out of a Cancer Center. I ultra sound and results came back that it was fluid filled cysts. He told me many woman have cysts and that it's something I could live with and that it could even go away. Weeks later I became very uncomfortable the size got bigger and I started to experience a hot feeling. I went back in and he told me that I had a rare breast infection Mastites which is common in woman who breast feed. Last time I checked I had no children. He sent me home on rounds of antibiotic and went to follow up and it had still not gone away after two weeks of antibiotics. At this point I started to see weird rashes around my nipple. I went in and said I want to drain this cyst and I wantto know why the skin is changing. He told me it could be from psoriasis. But me on another two week round of antibiotics. By this time my nipple colasped and I just wanted this thing out of me. We scheduled surgery due to the fact that now it was to big to drain. When he removed the egg size cyst there was cancer brewing behind it. In the middle of this I contracted tonslitits and after healing from it I couldn't stop coughing and became very out of breath. Not being able to do very simple walking or stair climbing. I'm a very healthy girl and has always been active in my life.
After much testing we discovered it being in my lung and small amount in my liver.
Now I fight..

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