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Survivor since 1998

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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia suburbs
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Dx 10/1998 age 43
11/1998 lumpectomy, 2cm left breast, removal of non-cancerous lump in right breast sentinel lymph node biopsy left side
results unclear margins, microscopic cells in sentinel node
Dx ILC Stage 1B Grade 2 ER+ PR+ HER2-
1/1999 Modified Radical Mastectomy left breast with TRAM Flap reconstruction same day surgery
22 lymph nodes removed
clean margins nodes all negative
Adriamycin Cytoxan 4 cycles in 3 months

Chemotherapy put me in menopause
Gained about 15lbs
Tamoxifen 3 months unable to tolerate
No hormonal therapy until 6/2003
Arimidex 6/2003 thru 6/2008
Side effects from Arimidex some joint discomfort but not bad, gained 30lbs
2009 Genetic Testing
BRAC1 and BRAC2 negative
Lost 30Lbs

3/2012 age 56
Local Recurrence in scar under left arm 1.5cm
Lumpectomy 4/2012 no nodes removed
right breast lift
unclear margins
DX ILC ER+ PR+ HER- Grade 2
5/2012 Re-excision
clear margins
6/2012 Oncotype DX recurrence score 15
no Chemo recommended

Radiation External Beam IMRT
to left reconstructed breast, supraclavicular lymph nodes and left axillia
33 treatment between 7/2012 and 8/20/12
Radiation Boost last 5 treatments
9/2012 started PT to prevent Lymphedema
10/2012 starting Aromasin for 5 year
Planning to get nipple reconstruction in 2013

I am very happy to call myself a Breast Cancer Survivor.
I can tell you between 1998 and 2012 there were many many days that I
didn't think about breast cancer, even though I looked at a breast with no nipple
every day. I will never forget, and continue to be vigilant about breast self exams,
mammograms, and follow up visits with my doctors. My oncologist found the lump in my
scar. What I am trying to say is that life goes on, you need to have a positive outlook,
we have all been through hell and back but we deserve to be happy. With Gods Blessings, great medicine and wonderful support I have come very far along this journey. I have shed many tears and felt like I couldn't go on, I did and I do. I am always stronger than I think, just like my pink sisters.
Life goes on and you have to make the best of it with humor, love and faith In God. There are always good days ahead, stay strong and may God Bless us all.

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