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Maria Torstensson

Survivor since 2012

Current City
Västerås - Sweden
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I´m 47 years old, in the middle of my life, with family and career.

I was catched in the mammography control in April 2012. Biopsy samples was taken 2012-04-30 and I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2012-05-08. Lumpectomy surgery was done 2012-05-15 and the result was presented 2012-06-08 as breast cancer stage 3 HER positive. The size of the tumor was very small, no lymph node involvment, but the cancer cells were identified as very aggressive.

I started my chemo therapy 2012-07-17 with Taxotere every three week. This will continue six times and follow with five weeks of radiation. Treatments will end 21st of December.

The best Christmas gift, i'm cancer free,

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