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At my post mastectomy consultation, what can I expect? I am stage 1 with no residual tissue and nodes are clean.

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    I also had my staples taken out at that point. I was amazed that it didn't hurt! Of course there's numbness at the mastectomy site, but this was the first time I realized what that meant. The numbness around the scar is still there, but the area where I have no feeling is smaller. This was also the point at which I was handed off to the oncologist to discuss treatment--chemo, radiation. My cancer is DCIS, and I didn't have to have any more treatment. My DCIS had wide margins, and no node involvement. Hope it went well for you.
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    You may get some further pathology results and the surgeon will check the mastectomy site. Depending on what sort of reconstruction you are having, if any, this will be discussed as well. Good luck
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    The doctor will look at the site and if you are as fortunate as I was, it will be completely healed by this time. If you go with radiation, then just be prepared to be more exhausted than you could ever imagine. The radiation is painless, so that's good! But, the tiredness lasted for about 9 months for me. God bless you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery. Thank God you caught it early. Kim Flackey
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