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My partner was just diagnosed with stage two cancer of the breast. Is she going to die? I'm so scared and can't imagine losing her.

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 5 years
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    Survivor since 2007
    Tina, that is JUST what I thought when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. The doctor who did the biopsy laughed when I asked her that same question.... "Am I going to die"? Her answer was..."From this little thing......NO." Well, she was right. I went through treatment, and am alive and well. Breast cancer is not the killer it used to be. Not that some women don't die from the disease but the vast majority go through treatment and live normal lives afterward. Treatment is tough but she will make it. Love her and care for you.... she will need you so much. Take care, Sharon
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  • Life is Good! Profile
    Survivor since 2003
    11 years after my Stage II diagnosis, I am doing great! So sorry to hear about your partner, but with good medical care and your support, she will get through this! Keep the questions coming and let us know how your partner is doing. Take care.
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  • Mary G Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    Tina, the early days are hard and scary and filled with anxiety, we've been there. And now we are here to ease your fears. I am also a stage 2 while its only been a year since my diagnosis I can say that you will get to the other side, there will be bumps along the journey and it's not easy but she can do it and so can you. A positive attitude and a sense of humor go a long way in helping you along. Keep us posted this site is a great place for tips and advice as you both figure out how to punch cancer in the face. Best to you.
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    Hi Tina, sorry to hear that but you need to relax. She's not going to die because she has stage 2 cancer. A lot more women live after going through chemo, radiation and medication. My aunt was diagnosed with stage two cancer, 10 years ago. She is alive and well. Just learn about the type of cancer and what's the best way to fight it. You need to be strong for your partner, but being scared will not help you nor her. I know it's hard so be strong, but there are a lot of support groups out there where you can meet cancer survivors.
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    Survivor since 2011
    Tina, I was diagnosed with stage 2B over 3years ago, and I'm still here. When I was told I had cancer it never occurred to me I would die. I knew I was angry and swore I would fight this dreaded disease with all I had! I had a wonderful support system and I hope you can be that for your partner. Remember to have a sense of humor, it does help to laugh often! It got me through! All the best!
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