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Did someone experienced breast cancer recurrance after 5-6 yrs? I'm 50 yrs old still menstruating, please give some tips & advice for any further management, thanks.

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 8 years
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    Survivor since 2003
    I had DCIS in 2003 chose to have bilateral subcutaneous mastectomies. In 2005 I had suspicious areas on my mammograms so had further mastectomies which showed atypical hyperplasia (abnormal cells although benign) in 2008 when I though I was in the all clear I again had abnormal mammograms. This time the biopsy showed a re-occurence of my DCIS again caught early. Had further mastectomies and have been on tamoxifen for the past 3 years. I've had reconstruction after my first surgery in 2003 I have been fortunate that the reoccurence was at the incision line and did not spread I had negative lymph node biopsies. My surgeon had said that there is some study that states implants actually can block the spread of breast cancer since the implants are put behind the muscle wall, it becomes a barrier. Most important is no matter what treatment you have had you need to continue to be followed, and even with mastectomies and reconstruction you can still get mammograms, xrays, MRI or ultrasounds to evaluate. I have been followed with mammograms every 3 months for a year then every 6 months for 2 years and now every year. I've been followed by my oncologist and surgeon every 4 months and have just graduated to every 6 months. Anything suspicious is evaluated with a scan or MRI. I have blood test to follow liver functions, blood count and hormone levels while on tamoxifen. In some ways once you have been diagnosed with Cancer it is a life long commitment to be pro-active and diligent about. Can't let it rule your life, have to stay in control and on top of it. Educate yourself well on the subject. New studies, new treatments, new procedures.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Thanks, God bless u, i'm enlighted.
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