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What symptoms have you experienced with IBC

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 6 years
  • Life is Good! Profile
    Survivor since 2003
    I did not have IBC, but found this on the mayo clinic website: Rapid change in the appearance of one breast, over the course of several weeks Thickness, heaviness or visible enlargement of one breast Discoloration, giving the breast a red, purple, pink or bruised appearance Unusual warmth of the affected breast Dimpling or ridges on the skin of the affected breast, similar to an orange peel Tenderness, pain or aching Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm, above the collarbone or below the collarbone Flattening or turning inward of the nipple Inflammatory breast cancer doesn't commonly form a lump, as occurs with other forms of breast cancer. Keep the questions coming! We are here for you!
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  • Lou Cam Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    Like Life Is Good said, I think the symptoms of inflammatory bc are usually more obvious than with IDC. With IDC, I did have a slight bruise over the tumor. This is what led me to find the lump, which was tender to the touch, and became very slightly painful. I think everyone's experience is a little different.
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  • Betsy V Profile
    Stage 2B Patient
    no symptoms for me, just the lump... no pain...
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  • Tara Mitchell Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    Absolutely no symptoms or changes. I didn't have anything listed on the website as a warning sign. Scary because if I hadn't had the lump checked ( my tumor was 10 cm) it would have spread.
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