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Any advice from anyone who has had chemo and is diabetic? I've heard it can complicate things. Thanks.

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    Jen, It probably makes a bigger difference if you are insulin dependent or not. You care team is aware of the complications that might surface during your treatment. BUT.... I would not hesitate to mention this every single time you go in to see them! You can get lost in the shuffle in a medical practice. I saved my life by reminding an infusion nurse of my inability to take a certain drug. She argued with me but I stood my ground and MADE HER check with the doctor. They can make mistakes. You have to be your own best advocate and never assume they remember your specifics such as being a diabetic. Take care and be sure to watch your own back. Sharon
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    You have to watch out for the steroids. That is what elevates blood sugar. Watch what you eat carefully when taking them
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    I am a type 2 diabetic. Had one chemo treatment and get my second one next Thursday. I had a port put in and my skin turned red and warm so I had to have my first chemo in my arm and they put me on an antibiotic. I believe my port is ok now. I read somewhere that people with diabetes, ports may do this. There was also a medication that they gave me , but I did not need to take yet, can affect your blood sugar. I just check it more now then I use to check. I have not had any thing other than above to report yet.
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